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Explore artworks by yourself

Explore artworks by yourself


Asia Katz was born in Bulgaria in 1964. She studied photography in “Ulius Fuchic”, the only school of photographic arts in Bulgaria, and graduated in 1985.
Asia continued her studies, specializing in color photography in Germany.
In 199l she immigrated to Israel and lives in Safed – in the Galilee.Asia Katz’s development from pure photography, through photography that she cleverly distorted in the process of development, to photographs on which she painted, to painting is, in itself, a fascinating process. It is a process which parallels her personal development which has been in direction of a deepening mystical understanding of events.
In her paintings this understanding can be detected. Her use of light and color at times harmonious, at times discordant – accentuate the fine composition of her paintings.She doesn’t imagine beforehand what exactly she is going to draw, and she doesn’t know what her artwork will look like. She Just sits down with a pencil or a pen and a piece of paper in front, closes her eyes, and her hand begins to draw. She doesn’t really know what takes control over her while she is Drawing, but ultimately a work of art emerges.
Asia Katz draws her fantastic universes where creatures with wings live. She believes they exist.
“Meeting with the Winged Ones” and “bringing Up New Souls” are paintings like that. She believes that you have to raise the soul that is inside you. In the beginning the soul is small and naive but afterwards it grows.
The more evil a person is, the more Difficult it is for the soul to come out of the darkness and to grow. Peoples lives pass and they age, but their souls remain immature and useless.
Asia was born and grew up in Bulgaria. She always knew, however, that she would live in another country. Upon her arrival in Israel, already in Ben Gurion Airport, she made up her mind to go where artists are, even though she had never drawn before. That is why she is in Safed and why she remains there.Asia graduated from the Ulius Fuchic Art School in Sofia, where she studied artistic photography. Despite her young age, her first fame came to here there. Taking part in many exhibitions ;and shows, she became widely known in Bulgaria. She loved art and being with artists but she herself never drew – as if she Couldn’t draw.
Her very first night in Israel she spent in Safed, She had neither friends nor family to support her, yet within several months she open her own gallery with her own work on exhibition, How can one not believe in miracles?! In Safed, in Israel, a completely different world, that of her childhood dreams, has been opened to her. Recognizing that there is something else inside each of us – apart from the need for food, sleep, work and procreation – she fluttered right into the world of fantasy and dreams, the world of our souls which also pulls us.
It may be the place – Safed – which has brought her to this world, and affects her and inspires her drawing. Or, it might also be the books she reads dealing with the Kabbalah and mysticism, Whatever it is, it happened and she began to draw, and her work with its expression Of the world of her dreams opens up for us what was once only in the realm of her imagination.Her art is new, unusual, and interesting. People have begun to talk about it, Asia explores new drawing techniques and cleverly mixes different media: watercolor, gouache, pen, ink, pencil, acrylic and etching.
An ordinary piece of bark becomes a fantastic image if you look at it from a different point of view.
“Still Life in Space” with more than thirty different watercolors, “Glue Planet”, “3D Projection of Woman”, “The Chaos of the Creation of the world”, “People’s Attraction to the Light” are good examples of the world of Asia’s fanatics and feelings, of her break from the textbooks she studied in art school.
Asia lives with her paintings in her dreams and in reality and cannot do without them. In her mind, her work, love and life are comparable to dance – always moving With ease and freedom, with pleasure and beauty.

Photos / Ilustrations

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Selected Solo Exhibitions
Slovak National Museum – Museum of Jewish Culture, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Old City Caesarea Gallery, Caesarea, Israel.
Jewish Art, Paris, France.
Ramat Gan Museum, Israel.
The Bible Museum – Tel Aviv, Israel.
The BaProzdor Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Church Gallery, Ulm, Germany.
One person Exhibition – painting V. Turnovo, Bulgaria.
One person Exhibition, Yigal Alon Cultural Center Safed, Israel.
One person Photographic Arts Exhibition V. Turnovo.
The Experimental Photographic Arts Exhibition Yambol, 1-st prize.
Received certificate of honor granting her work the most merit in the Public Photographic Exhibitions V. Turnovo, Bulgaria.
Selected Group Exhibitions
ArtExpo-N.Y. New York, US.
ArteBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Art21, Las Vegas NV, US.
ArtExpo NY, NY, US.
Art 98, Vancouver, Canada.
Exhibition on the Beach, Old City Caesarea Gallery, Caesarea, Israel.
ArtExpo NY, New York, US.
Artexpo, Los Angeles CA, US.
Olim Artists Exhibition Jerusalem, Israel.
“Outstanding immigrant Artists Exhibition” Amalia Arbel Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Exhibition of Jewish Art Nice, France.
Artists Group Exhibition, Opera House Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Photographic Arts Exhibition Natanya, Israel.
The Cultural Commission of the Jewish Agency awarded Asia the highest prize of excellence for new immigrant photographers.
Photographic Artists Groups Exhibition Veliko Turnovo.
Public Exhibitions Oasis, Bulgaria.
National Photographic Arts Exhibitions Shumen.
National Slide Exhibitions Shumen.
Photographic Artists Groups Exhibition Silistra.
Photographic Arts Exhibition Smolian.
Public Photographic Exhibitions Targovishte, Bulgaria.

Explore artworks by yourself

Explore artworks by yourself
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