Petrov – About

George Petrov was born in 1950 in Sofia Bulgaria.

He started create from clay at the age of 13.

Between 1976-1981 He studied (MA) monumental ceramics at the Academy Of Art , University Of Sofia.

Attend in international exhibitions:
1983 ìPremio Faenzaî – The International Competition of Ceramic Art
1984 Vallauris Ceramic Competition.
1986 Budapest Ceramic Biennale

In 1992 he immigrated to Israel.
his works was influenced by the mediterranean light and the jewish traditional art.

The material used by George Petrov has a great power,it is a clay from the ground
which is the base of our being.

with his unique technology, George Petrov creates sculptures that reviles different character
from each point of view and exploring rich relations between forms and textures,

The temperatures he uses make the colours rich
and the products sturdy.
Each sculpture is unique and there is no other one like it.

The authentic material and profound sensitivity of the artist gives the item specific character
and creates a special atmosphere wherever it is exhibited.