Still Life #45 (A+B+C)

Triptych (3 pieces),
Oil on Canvas,
80 X 60 cm. each


80 X 60 cm.

A line about the artist

Fate is a word rarely encountered in the dictionary of the modern critic. Strategies, positioning or representation are a different case. Yet this is a concept one cannot do without when characterizing the art of Michael Hazin. Without foisting or pedaling the drama of the quest for national identity, the artist thematizes this concept – only not on the level of theme or subject or even biography. While these planes are of course present, the main thing is the plane of form-creation. “Fate turned out that way” is transformed into “the vision turned out that way.” This “turned out” incorporates a sense of process or development in time. Multi-layeredness. Hazin has been able to thematize this multi-layeredness of vision as a form of optics. His polystylism is organic; this is not postmodernist pastiche, but the quality of poetic optics corrected by fate…